what biosphere recognition would mean for the region

what biosphere recognition would mean for the region

The countdown is on to see if the Sunshine Coast will become an internationally recognized area of ​​natural beauty.

UNESCO will announce whether the area will be recognized as a biosphere in June.

Only four other sites in Australia are designated as biosphere reserves, including Great Sandy, Noosa, Fitzgerald Reserves (WA), and Mornington Peninsula Reserve and Western Port (Victoria).

The Sunshine Coast Council developed a UNESCO biosphere nomination in 2019, on behalf of the community.

Mayor Mark Jamieson said he was pleased the nomination had reached the final stage of the process.

“A biosphere is a special place where responsible development and people who work, live and play sustainably sit alongside active conservation,” he said.

“It’s about celebrating people and nature.

“Having this degree will help us protect and improve our region, our communities, our economy and our natural assets.

“Becoming a biosphere will help us create a legacy for our children’s future, care for our beautiful landscapes and beautiful beaches, protect, share and celebrate the cultural heritage of our communities, and build on the recognition international and economic opportunities to develop local businesses.

“With so many markets wanting a clean, green product, our biosphere providence will open up huge opportunities for our food and agribusiness sectors, allowing our local businesses to brand their products and showcase our biosphere. of the Sunshine Coast.

“The Biosphere’s UNESCO nomination was informed by our community, a wide range of industry sectors, interest groups and government and I thank the Sunshine Coast for their input and support.”

The remarkable Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve at Maleny. Photo: Shutterstock.

Community Biosphere Reference Group chair Will Shrapnel said if the area was recognized as a biosphere reserve, people would be able to operate their businesses or enjoy the outdoors as they always had, but with the confidence of a better future through a common goal of sustainability.

“It is important that our community understands the core value of sustainability in our region and recognizes that we can all play a part in protecting and celebrating this special region where we live, learn, work and play,” he said. -he declares.

“Australia currently has four UNESCO-designated biosphere reserves, and around the world there are more than 700 in over 130 countries.

“I am thrilled that our Sunshine Coast will join this global network of biosphere reserves.”

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Sunshine Coast Biosphere supporters Bill Haddrill, Will Shrapnel, Melva Hobson and Mayor Mark Jamieson.

Maria Suarez, Sunshine Coast Council’s Environment and Habitability Portfolio Advisor, said it was an exciting time for the Sunshine Coast and especially for those directly involved in travel.

“With over 3,000 community members engaged and 609 surveys completed in the build up to our application, this has truly been a team effort,” she said.

“We expect an announcement in mid-June and can’t wait to share the result with the world.”

The community can join in the excitement by posting a photo or video of their favorite part of life on the Sunshine Coast with the hashtag #SCbiospherecountdown.

To find out more, please visit Sunshine Coast Council – Biosphere nomination.

The Sunshine Coast has some amazing beaches, like Moffat Beach. Photo: Shutterstock.

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