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List Of Top 10 Occupations Related To The H-1B Visa In The United States


Let’s start with the basics and look at the main features of this visa. To begin with, the H1B visa in the US is a non-immigrant visa.

Thanks to it, American employers can now recruit higher level personnel. Essentially, these employees operate in industries that require both academic and technical skills, such as finance, computer science, architecture, accounting, mathematics, engineering, medicine, etc. Simply put, any occupation that requires a bachelor’s degree or higher in a certain subject or area of expertise qualifies you for an H1B visa.

You will need to facilitate degree equivalency if you do not hold a bachelor’s degree in that subject. This usually requires you to provide additional degrees and work experience. The H1B visa application process is quick, making it a popular choice for many companies looking to recruit skilled workers.

It should also be noted that as an individual, you will not be able to apply for an H1B visa on your own. The employee’s employer is required by law to file the petition on their behalf. However, the employer must first file a working condition application with the Department of Labor.

Only after receiving a certificate from the Department of Labor can the employer proceed with the application. While the application procedure is time efficient, only a limited number of applications are retained.


Therefore, one could say that we are dealing with a kind of H1B visa lottery. For example, the bill states that 85,000 new H1B visas will be available for immigrants. Because of the large number of applications, a lottery is used to select which petitions will be processed.

In other words, the number of applicants is greater than the number of visas available. The amount of H1B visa holders in the United States is impressive.

In fact, many businesses were started with the help of first or second generation immigrants. This is why non-U.S. citizens are choosing this type of visa.


With this in mind, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) receives an impressive 85000 visa applications each year. We will explore this issue further in this post.

List Of Top 10 Occupations Related To The H-1B Visa In The USA

Also, when it comes to H1B visa holders in the U.S., it is critical to remember that some of the most competitive companies in the country rely on foreign workers.

Simply put, about half of the Fortune 500 companies were founded with the help of immigrants. This is essentially why there may be some preconceived notions about this viewpoint. Some people think that the U.S. government should fund this initiative since the corporate sector relies on foreign-trained personnel. For example, in 2017, Amazon was a major supporter of such visas, recognizing that skilled engineers and scientists play a vital role in the country’s development. Most individuals believe that this visa program is essential for American innovation, especially in the most competitive fields, such as high-tech, computer science, technology, etc. Nevertheless, it seems that Donald Trump is skeptical of this program, especially regarding the fact that special work permits are granted to spouses of H1B employees.

However, as with other immigration laws, things are generally more difficult than they appear, as there are many sides to the story. The application process, for example, will almost certainly be streamlined with technological advances. This will effectively speed up the application process while reducing the applicant’s total expenses.

In other words, as an applicant, you will be required by law to submit your application to USCIS online. As a result, the employer will not be required to provide the necessary documentation prior to the cap selection process. Speaking of which, let’s take a look at which companies in the United States have the most H1B visa holders. We will look at the official data for the fiscal year 2018.

Cognizant Technology Solutions, Inc.

To continue, in fiscal year 2018, Cognizant Technology Solutions hired 38,205 foreign nationals.

Ernst & Young LLP

With 140766 H1B visa holders in U.S., Ernst & Young is the No. 1 company on this list.

That is, an international certification for an H1B work visa accounts for approximately 12.4 percent of all foreign certifications.

Deloitte & Touche

The next company on the list is Deloitte Consulting, with a total of 31988 immigrants.

These immigrants work primarily in specialized fields.


As mentioned earlier, some of the best-known companies in the market recruit skilled foreign nationals.

The regulation does not apply to Apple. According to statistics, it has employed 20168 people under this visa program.

HCL America, Inc.

According to official sources, HCL America is another company that hires a large percentage of its employees from among H1B visa holders in the United States.

In fiscal year 2018, 23812 immigrants were hired using this visa.

Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

Moving on to Qualcomm Technologies, another industry leader, the company employed 15612 foreign nationals in 2018.

This firm is a major player in the telecommunications industry.

Amazon Fulfillment Services (AFS)

We’ve already said that Amazon is one of the industry’s largest employers, with a large number of skilled employees from other nations.

Nevertheless, Amazon has hired 11644 foreign nationals under the H1B visa program in the U.S.

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)

The next company on the list is Tata Consultancy Services, which is a well-known name in its field.

For this, the multinational company employed 15581 foreigners in the fiscal year 2018.

Mphasis Corporation

Mphasis Corporation is the last company on our list.

This company hired 10403 foreign nationals in the fiscal year 2018.


Through this visa program, Kforce hired 10553 foreign nationals.

This company is laser-focused on finding skilled labor abroad.


In summary, as you can see from the above paragraphs, the number of H1B visa holders in the United States is significant.

Working in the U.S. offers various opportunities for promotion, personal growth, improving knowledge in one’s field of specialization, etc.

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