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Reunification of the spouse in America for those who won the American Green Card lottery


Reunification of the husband in America, the majority of residents in the United States of America during the period of their marriage face a set of problems that are not in terms of procedures

But in terms of knowledge, some immigrants do not have sufficient information about how their wife joined them, or vice versa.

Since the person has a green card or US citizenship, he has the right to bring his wife or husband to the United States of America in order to live with him.

And as soon as the wife or husband arrives in America, he or she will obtain permanent residence in America.

Spousal Reunification in America for Green Card Holders

The procedures differ for the person who obtained a green card and the person who obtained US citizenship


With regard to green card holders, the matter also differs whether the spouse is inside or outside the United States of America

In the event that the spouse is inside America, he must fill out form i-130 in addition to the form related to the regularization of the situation, form i-485

In the event that the husband/wife is outside the United States of America, she is satisfied with filling out Form I-130


But if the husband/wife has American citizenship and the husband/wife who wants to marry him is outside America, then she is satisfied with filling out form i-130.

But if the husband/wife is in America, she must fill out the two aforementioned forms.

Necessary Documents For Reunification With The Spouse

Note: Whether the husband is in America and wants to bring his wife, or the wife is in America and wants to bring her husband, the same procedures apply in both cases.

Therefore, we will consider that the husband is in America and the wife is outside it, and we talk like this in order to avoid putting the feminizing T every time.

In order for the procedures to go smoothly and well, a set of necessary documents must be available:

  • Two photographs;
  • Torm I-130;
  • Form G-325 A;
  • Form G 1145;
  • Birth certificate of the applicant;
  • The wife’s birth certificate translated into English
  • The necessity of presenting the marriage contract to prove the bond or relationship between the husband and his wife, with the necessity of translating this contract into English;
  • Divorce certificate or death certificate of the ex-wife or husband in the event that she (the husband or wife) was previously married;
  • A copy of the passport;
  • Certificate of green card or US citizenship;

After approving your application, the US consulate in your country sets an appointment for you in order to pass the interview and verify the authenticity of the documents, as well as the bond that brings together the applicant and the beneficiary, that is, the husband and wife;

The Consular Stage of Reunification With The Wife in America

After setting an appointment with the US consulate in your country, the following documents must be presented on the day of the interview:

  • Wife’s birth certificate;
  • A certificate of lack of criminal record to prove the good behavior of the beneficiary (the wife);
  • The original marriage contract was translated into English;
  • Guarantor sheet form i-864;
  • Medical file;
  • Two photographs;

After conducting the interview at the US consulate in your country and accepting your file, you must track the status of your visa on the site that the consul will give you on the day of the interview.

After a few days, your wife will get her passport stamped with an American visa

These were the stages and documents needed for the husband’s reunification in America.

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