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Post-winning procedures for the 2023 US lottery, according to the experiences of the US lottery winners


What are the procedures after winning the American Lottery 2023? After the results of the 2023 American Lottery were announced on the official website of the American Lottery, there are a large number of people

Many will be disappointed, curse their luck, and consider giving up their dream of immigrating to America

On the other hand, there are people whose happiness smiles and whose fate will give them a chance to get out of those homelands that have given them nothing but poverty and suffering.

But do not be happy, as you are still waiting for several procedures that you must take in order to be able to travel to America after winning the lottery of America.

In this article, we will talk about the procedures after winning the American Lottery 2023, and this will depend on the experiences of the winners of the American Lottery during the past years, who have previously gone through these procedures.


Post-winning procedures for the 2023 American lottery:

The actions we will talk about are immediate actions that must be taken by the winners of the American Lottery 2023 in a preliminary stage.

And this stage is one of the most important procedures after winning the American Lottery 2023:

1. Fill out the ds 260 forms:

When you see the results of the US Lottery 2023 (American Lottery 2022) and you find yourself among the winners


First, you need to fill out the ds 260 form. But be careful, the form requires a passport and it is valid for at least a year.

It should be noted that the passport has become necessary in the American lottery in all its stages, starting from the stage of registration for the first time to the stage of filling out the form and the accompanying procedures after winning the lottery.

In general, in order to fill out the ds 260 forms, you can access this link.

By following this link, you will need to select your DS-260, Online Immigrant Visa, and Alien Registration Application.

At this point, you can start filling out the form being careful not to make mistakes or give wrong information. Since lying can lead to your files being rejected, you must disclose all of your affairs as they are

Because this form requires the individual to disclose his personal information without additions or reductions.

The first thing that the person is asked to do when filling out the form is the case number or the winner’s case number. We will explain what the case number or bag number is in the following article.

In general, after entering the bag of numbers, the person will need to enter some information, such as:

Passport information for you and your spouse, if you are married, your birth certificate, birth certificates of your family members, your addresses…

In general, after completing the ds 260 form, print out the confirmation sheet, which will be the last stage in the form-filling process.

We reiterate that the winner must fill out the form with his true information.

2. What is the case number?

The case number, which means in Arabic (case or file number), and is the number that you get when you are told that you have won the American lottery, and it is in the following form: 2023AF00004567

The numbers in the case number mean:

  • 2023 means a year of the American lottery.
  • AF means the African continent, and if Asia is referred to as AS, and so on…
  • 00004567 is the serial number of the lottery winner (the number we put in, it’s a random number)

It can be said that the primary number or winner number is the dividing line, and if so, the greater criterion for determining the winner’s immigration to America.

Because it is very important because the number of winners should not exceed 50,000. Otherwise, it would be a little less likely that he would be able to leave and obtain a visa to the United States.

Otherwise, he will have somewhat less chance of going and obtaining an American visa.

So, after we got to know the key number that the person must put in the form in order to start providing his information

After the winner fills out the form, an important stage in the procedures after winning the 2023 American lottery comes, which is waiting for the visa bulletin.

3. Beltane visa bulletins and subsequent stages:

After completing the ds 260 forms and sending it to the KCC – Kentucky Consular Center

An important stage comes, which is the stage of waiting for the Visa Bulletin, that is, the stage in which the winner’s number or key number will be included in the bulletin.

So, what are the stages a winner has to go through after listing their number on a flyer?

a. What are the Beltane visa brochures?

They are the monthly newsletters published by the US State Department that announce a certain number of winning numbers each month. These are the people who will be interviewed at the US Embassy or Consulate.

The selection will depend on the geographical extent of the winner, whether it is from Africa, Asia, Europe, America, or Australia.

Each continent has its own Platane Visa to start the interview process.

For example, I am a winner in the 2023 American lottery, and after looking at the winning message, I found that my case number is 15,000. I will say, How do I know my interview date?

The Visa Plattan message or the Visa Plattan leaflet will determine this. We will explain more with another example:

In the first month of the bulletins, the number 8000 was listed, it is the first number, I mean, as the first Visa for Beltane as I mentioned earlier, my number is 15000

This means I have to wait for the next newsletters to have my number included in them when it equals or exceeds 15,000.

It means that my turn has come to prepare for the interview, and in the event that he is not included, you should just wait for the other bulletins until their time comes.

B. The stage after including my number or key number in the Platan Visa publications:

After your number is listed in the Visa Beltane bulletins, you just have to wait for a message via the email that you registered with DS 260.

The message in the e-mail tells you that you should go to the page where you found yourself as a winner of the American lottery

You will find that the victory letter has been converted into another letter stating the date of the interview at the US Embassy or Consulate in your country.

Then comes a set of steps that the candidate must complete, which are as follows:

  • Collecting American lottery documents:
  • This is an important stage that you will find easy and difficult at the same time
  • Where you will collect the required documents in your country, as well as translate them with a sworn translator at the US embassy or consulate in your country.

Make an appointment with a doctor for the US lottery:

  • After translating the documents, the stage of taking an appointment with a sworn doctor is also at the US embassy or consulate in order to carry out the medical examination for the US lottery visa.
  • It should be noted that this file must be kept carefully concentrated in a safe place in order not to be damaged because it is important on the day of the interview.

In an upcoming article, we will discuss the diseases that prevent travel to America after a medical examination

Conducting an interview for the 2023 American draw:

The interview is one of the easiest procedures after winning the 2023 American lottery, contrary to what some promote.

You are asked some questions about your personality and who will host you in the United States

All you have to do is tell the truth, so if your papers are in order, the immigration officer will inform you that everything is fine and that your visa is accepted.

Aramex office registration:

After you leave the US Consulate, the immigration officer will tell you that you need to register at the Aramex office.

This is the office where the passport is presented after the visa is stamped

All that the winner of the American lottery has to do after telling him that his passport is ready is to go to this office and collect his passport from him.

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