Permanent Residence in Canada… Features and Conditions and Ways to Obtain Permanent Residence in Canada


Permanent Residence in Canada… Canada is one of the most important points that anyone in the world can pass through who wants to improve their standard of living and experience a new career path, in addition to enjoying the scenic views that Canada has to offer,

As a strategically important region in North America in terms of area, as it ranks second in the world in terms of total area,

Therefore, we find that many people want to immigrate to Canada so why not obtain permanent residency in Canada?

But the question that always arises is how to obtain permanent residence in Canada.

That’s why we decided to write today’s article on the subject of permanent residency in Canada, its advantages, conditions, and ways to obtain it.


So, if you, dear reader, are interested in the issue of permanent residency in Canada, you just have to read the following article from the beginning to the end, because it will also discuss the possibility of buying residency in Canada and will also provide you with the fastest and easiest way to get permanent residency in Canada.

Benefits of Permanent Residence in Canada

The permanent residence card in Canada is a plastic electronic card granted by the Canadian government to permanent residents in Canada, even if they got temporary residence first, they can get permanent residence later,

This does not really make its owner a Canadian citizen, but in return, it is considered very special because it confers many privileges, including the following:


  • Take advantage of social benefits, such as health coverage, which the Canadian government offers for free.
  • Obtain social assistance in case of unemployment and inability to find work,
  • Live in security and enjoy the protection of the Canadian government under the Canadian Rights and Freedoms Act as a permanent resident,
  • And since he/she is a permanent citizen in Canada, this gives him/her the right to study in Canada and benefit from the same offers available to Canadian students, including reduced tuition fees or free studies.
  • Work in any sector absolutely and without needing a work permit,
  • The ability to apply for Canadian citizenship,
  • And of course, the ability to travel to and from Canada at any time you want without the need for a visa, as is the case, for example, in the case of study or tourism in Canada.


It is true that a permanent citizen in Canada can enjoy all of the above privileges that can make him/her similar to Canadian citizens.

However, permanent residency in Canada still comes with limited privileges as it does not allow the holder to vote in elections, run for political office or hold a high-level security position.

Requirements for permanent residence in Canada

One of the first things many readers may look for is the procedures they can follow to obtain permanent residence in Canada.

Therefore, the purpose of this paragraph will be to summarize the requirements for obtaining permanent residence in Canada, as these requirements may undergo changes from year to year, but in general, we find the following requirements:

  • It is necessary to prove your ability to speak one of the French or English languages by obtaining a document showing that your language skills are at the appropriate level and meet the required standards,
  • Have a family member who is a permanent resident in Canada before you,
  • Have a reason for your residency in Canada, such as studying or working, for example, and this is one of the most important conditions that allow the owner to obtain permanent residency in Canada easily and as quickly as possible,
  • It is necessary to apply from within Canada to obtain permanent residence,
  • The criminal record of the person who wishes to obtain permanent residence in Canada should be free of any crime that would prevent him/her from obtaining permanent residence in Canada.

How to obtain permanent residence in Canada

In the previous paragraph, we talked about the requirements for obtaining permanent residence in Canada, and we mentioned that it is necessary to apply for permanent residence from within Canada,

Which I think has caused many of you to think about how to get him in so that he can obtain permanent residence in Canada,

For this reason, there is your Amjad website, which will help you safely know the ways to get permanent residency in Canada, which are:

Permanent Residency in Canada through work

Recently, a lot of jobs and employment opportunities have started to appear in Canada, which has forced Canada to bring in new labor from different parts of the world in order to fill the labor shortage that Canada is suffering from and the decrease in the number of births too,

This has led many people to adopt work as a means of immigrating to Canada, especially since it is one of the ways in which the owner can later obtain permanent residency in Canada,

Therefore, we find that there are many programs that an individual can adopt in order to obtain temporary residency in the first place, but after three years, he could obtain permanent residency in Canada,

Among the most famous of these programs that offer the possibility of working in Canada are:

  • Canada Express Entry Program or Skilled Worker Program
  • Canadian Provincial Nominee Program or PNP
  • Or a self-employment program resulting from a special invitation from a Canadian employer.

Permanent residence in Canada by education

It is also known that Canadian universities are considered one of the best universities in the world, so we see that they attract a large number of students from different parts of the world every year, which makes it a high-level experience that can imprint the academic character and career path of any student,

But what makes it more distinctive is that it is considered the second pathway for the student to obtain permanent residency in Canada, provided that he/she gets a job that allows him/her to convert the temporary study visa in Canada into permanent residency.


It should also be noted that Canada is one of the countries that allow the student to stay even after the end of the study period so that this student can get a job or employment that will allow him to live permanently in Canada,

Therefore, if my dear student was able to obtain a university admission that allows you to study in Canada, make sure that you have obtained two golden opportunities, not just one: the opportunity to study in Canada and the opportunity to obtain permanent residence in Canada.

Permanent Residence in Canada by Investment

Thanks to Canada’s openness to all sectors and fields, has allowed many people to realize their ideas and projects on Canadian soil in order to develop and boost the Canadian economy,

Therefore, the investment visa has been prepared for highly qualified and experienced people in the field of investment and foreign trade, provided that the foreign investor obtains the support of a Canadian company,

With the need to propose a project that allows the employment of a large number of Canadian citizens and that the project itself meets several criteria, including the capital whose value varies from one Canadian province to another,

Of course, the Canadian investment visa not only grants the right to establish projects in Canada but also allows the holder to obtain permanent residence in Canada, which is also the right of the husband and children if the investment lasts more than 8 years.

Permanent residence in Canada under refugee status

Asylum is another way of settling in Canada and obtaining residency that can evolve over time into nationality, especially with the privileges and assistance offered by human rights associations and organizations for the benefit of these refugees in order to obtain approval for asylum in Canada from the Canadian government,

But despite this assistance, the question of whether a refugee’s claim for asylum in Canada will be accepted depends largely on the refugee’s ability to convince the agency conducting the interview that he or she does indeed need the assistance and protection that is lacking in his or her country of origin.


Compared to asylum in Switzerland, for example, we find that Canada is among the countries with low rates of asylum claims, so the issue of obtaining permanent residency in Canada through asylum remains one of the most difficult and complex ways.

Permanent residence in Canada by marriage

Marriage to a Canadian citizen or permanent resident is another way for the other partner to obtain permanent residence in Canada,

For this reason, we note that the Canadian Department of Immigration and Citizenship requires that the spouses prove their marriage. not only by the marriage contract, but by joint photographs, for example, or bilateral conversations that show that the spouses were in a relationship before the marriage,

In addition, they must live together for one year to prove that they participate together in marital life and are able to assume all the responsibilities of marriage together.


In the case where the spouses have already been married and wish to reunite the family, they can do so without having to prove their marriage, because in this case the issue of sponsorship of family members applies, and the only condition is that the sponsor is a Canadian citizen or has permanent residence in Canada.

In the end, we can say that despite all these methods available to obtain permanent residence in Canada, the Express Entry program remains the best and simplest because it does not require much time to obtain permanent residence in Canada, but only a few months,

It is also considered the cheapest as it is inexpensive in terms of fees and mainly depends on the experience, age, and education level of the individual.

Canada Permanent Resident Card

The Canadian Permanent Resident Card is proof of your permanent residence in Canada, allowing you to travel to and from Canada,

It is usually obtained by all citizens coming to Canada to live permanently in Canada, but it may sometimes be necessary to apply for a Permanent Resident Card in Canada, if:

  • Failure to receive a residence card within 180 days of immigration to Canada,
  • Or in case of a personal name change, he will have to renew the information contained in the new residence card.

Documents required to obtain a Permanent Resident Card in Canada

After learning about the requirements for obtaining permanent residence in Canada, as well as the different ways to obtain it, it is now time to know the documents and materials required by the Canadian Department of Immigration and Citizenship to obtain a Permanent Resident Card in Canada, which are:

  • Self-portraits that meet international standards.
  • A copy of your personal passport.
  • A document proving the language level of the person demonstrating his or her proficiency in French or English.
  • All diplomas and certificates obtained, whether in your field of specialization or in other fields.
  • Proof of professional experience and competence, if applicable.

In general, all of the above-mentioned documents are the basis and are generally required in all cases of application for permanent residence in Canada, but it is possible to find other additional documents, depending on the method that the individual will follow in order to obtain permanent residence in Canada.

Is it possible to purchase residency in Canada?

One of the questions that many people have about permanent residency in Canada is whether or not it is possible to purchase a residence in Canada,

That’s why I took the opportunity to write this article to tell you, dear readers, that it is not possible to buy a residence in Canada because the latter is a plastic electronic card granted by the Canadian government to permanent residents in Canada,

That is why we cannot say that residency in Canada is sold or bought because there is no organization that allows or permits this, and because the matter does not need to pay as much money as it has to fulfill the necessary conditions that we have mentioned above and to collect all the required documents from in order to obtain the permanent residency in Canada.

We invite you to consult this guide from the Canadian authorities to avoid falling into the trap of scammers and swindlers

That was all the information you should know about permanent residency in Canada, I hope I have brought you up to date with all the information on this subject.

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