Job Search in Italy. How to Find a Job via Job Search Sites


Job search in Italy, If you are unemployed and looking for job opportunities in Italy, you should read this article in which we will talk about how to search for work via a group of websites dedicated to this purpose.

Maybe you are one of the people who have university degrees, or maybe you are one of the people who have significant experiences in a profession, so what is stopping you from changing direction to a country that welcomes skills and provides them with everything necessary to make the most of their experiences.

In this article, we will provide you with Italian sites dedicated to finding work in Italy and finding jobs near you.

And make sure that if you meet the requirements, it is possible that you will get a job in Italy.

Is it easy to find a job in Italy? In fact, finding a job in Italy is very difficult, especially if you do not speak the Italian language and do not exist on Italian soil, but there are some professions and jobs in which it is easy to get a work contract, especially professions related to modern technologies such as programming and artificial intelligence, in addition to seasonal jobs in the agricultural and tourist fields.


The most employed and in-demand fields of work for workers in Italy

There are many jobs and occupations needed in Italy in 2023, and here are the most important specializations that attract the workforce

  • e-marketing field
  • Engineering in its various specializations, especially information technology
  • Seasonal work contracts in the agricultural and tourism fields
  • Work in factories
  • Construction workers and architects
  • The field of education, in particular, the field of teaching English
  • Helping the elderly in Italy
  • Nursing jobs in Italy

Wages and Hourly Rates in Italy

Although there is no official minimum wage in Italy, some sectors of the economy have a minimum wage set by the unions, around 7 euros per hour per week.

The average salary in Italy is around 1600 euros as net income, while the minimum wage is 830 euros, and here are the average salaries of the best-paid professions and jobs in Italy


  • Surgeons with an average salary of €21000 per month
  • Lawyers with an average salary of €14000 per month

Work in Italy starts by entering these sites:

Many Italian companies are looking for workers through job search sites in Italy, where all people, whether they are European, Arab, or immigrants residing in Italy, can take advantage of these sites and look for a job that suits them in Italy, they only need to meet the requirements and contact the company afterward, here are some websites from which you can search for work in Italy.

1- Jobsinmilan website:

This site allows you to search for a job in Milan If you want to find a job in the Italian city of Milan, just enter this site.

You will find hundreds of daily job ads.

Choose the job that matches your qualifications and click on it, as it will be transferred to a new page where you can see the characteristics of the job you are looking for and how to apply for it.

2- Jobinrome website:

In the same way that we explained how to look for a job in Milan, on the Job in Rome website you can search for a job in Rome.

You will also find hundreds of daily announcements of job offers in certain sectors of the city of Rome.

All you have to do is choose the job that suits you in order to access the page that gives you more details about that job or position.

3- GoAbroad website:

On this site, you can also find a job in Italy.

By entering it, you can specify the city in which you want to look for work, and you can also specify the type of work you are looking for.

The site is active and contains many job offers, so you can try your luck.

4- Learn 4 Good Website:

This is an advertising site to search for jobs in Italy for foreigners, and some of the most important jobs it publishes are those related to education, human resources, sales and marketing, medicine, nursing, engineering…

As for the Egyptian brothers, we leave you with this YouTube video, in which my father interviews a group of Egyptians in Italy and asks them about work and wages.

Tips for job seekers in Italy:

When you want to look for work in Italy and get a job, you will definitely need your own unique CV to accompany your application letter.

Study in Italy 2023, Everything you need to know about it (Oh my, we have reached)

The CV should be no longer than one page and include a summary of your work experience, educational certificates, achievements, skills, and interests.

In addition to your personal information, marital status, home address, email address, phone…

You can enter and register for free on this site to write your resume and make it available to registered employers and site consultants who help employers find suitable employees.

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