Jamaica to Canada Top Reasons to Make Career 2023


A unique shock to the global economy was triggered by the Covid-19 pandemic. Countless businesses were forced to close their doors and millions of Canadians lost their jobs during the recession in Canada, had their hours reduced, or were temporarily laid off. While this turmoil has hit the economy hard, there are some hopeful signs. In Canada, many essential workers are experiencing a boom during the pandemic.

Representatives and Income Account Managers

During Covid-19, many companies faced a revenue slowdown. While key industries are booming with above-average sales volumes, companies in other industries considered non-core are feeling the pinch as customers cut back on spending and focus on necessities. There is a high demand for B2C and B2B salespeople who can strike a delicate balance between driving sales and sensitively managing Canada during this crisis.

Nurses and Health Sector Personnel

The nursing shortage is more acute than ever with the influx of Covid-19 patients into hospitals, clinics, long-term care homes, and other healthcare facilities. In extreme cases, many Covid-19 patients admitted to hospitals require long-term intensive care that extends for weeks or even months. In the midst of this crisis, because most nurses are not looking to change jobs, facilities facing a nursing shortage are having a hard time finding the help they need. Health care managers and other support staff provide much-needed relief to nurses and front-line health care staff responsible for patient care. The influx of patients has led to an increase in administrative activities, such as registering patients and updating records.

The job of IT Consultant (IT)

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Canadians spent a great deal of time online, both during work hours and during their downtime. Mobile applications, business tools, video conferencing, blogs, online ordering systems, and other computer systems are generating extremely high volumes. Some companies are working to address the technical issues that arose during the crisis in Canada. Organizations need to work remotely and bring in money to keep these networks running. During this critical time, IT consultants are supporting the construction, development, and maintenance of vital IT systems.

Civil Engineer Jobs

In several Canadian provinces, including Ontario, construction projects have been identified as necessary. Vital infrastructure construction projects are still underway, including transportation projects, health care projects, and residential housing projects. Structural engineers oversee these projects and ensure consistency in the construction of highways, tunnels, bridges, hospitals, schools, homes, water and wastewater systems, and a variety of other public and private buildings and services. Affordable housing shortages in cities like Vancouver and Toronto have been well documented. In the coming months, with increasing numbers of Canadians unemployed, affordable housing is an immediate issue for the Canadian government. The work of the civil engineer ensures that ongoing projects remain safely installed.


Advertising and Promotion Managers

Most companies have seen their profits drop significantly. Organizations have to adapt and find new ways to reach their customers, with stores closing and companies cutting prices to save their own business. This has put marketing teams in the spotlight. Right now, digital marketers are under extreme pressure from online platforms to find customers to help them stay afloat during the Covid-19 crisis in Canada. Marketers who can strike the right balance between driving sales and responding to the crisis in Canada during the Covid-19 pandemic are particularly relevant. Savvy marketers are expected to incorporate these tactics as companies invest their marketing budgets in social media, web, and video advertising.

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