Jamaica to Canada Top Reasons for a 2023 Career


Jamaica in Canada Wondering where Jamaicans in Canada find the best job opportunities? It is not uncommon to seek a career in Canada from abroad. In fact, with the country experiencing a labor shortage in various industries due to its large population of retirees and young professionals moving to the big cities, Canada makes it easy for them. Here are the top 3 reasons to pursue a career in Canada from Jamaica:

Canada is a Top Destination for Immigration

In Canada, you can enjoy just about any outdoor activity you can think of. The country has 48 national parks, incredible snowy winters, and mild summers.

Newcomers to Canada enjoy many benefits, including longer parental leave, exceptional public health care, education, and social benefits.

Canada Maintains Household Cohesion Jamaica to Canada

With temporary visitor visas, your spouse or common-law partner and children will join you, allowing your children to attend school and your spouse to find temporary employment.

In addition, you can sponsor your family to live in Canada if you apply to immigrate to Canada through one of the above-mentioned immigration services and become a permanent resident.


Cost of Affordable Living

Compared to other developed countries, the cost of living in Canada is very competitive. For example, a two-bedroom home in Vancouver costs about $869211, while a comparable home in Fredericton costs about $175976.

Housing is less expensive depending on where you want to live. As in other well-developed nations, food, gas and even cars are cheaper Jamaica in Canada Jamaica in Canada.

In addition, through one of its 100 immigration and visa systems, Canada aims to retain foreign workers who manage to get a job in the country. In this blog, we present the top five jobs for Jamaicans in Canada, as well as the average annual earnings and the provinces most in demand for these workers. Take a look below!


Cook of Jamaica

Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, Yukon, where the most work is found in Canada: Average salary in CAD: 31200

Immigration Options: Express Entry

In Canada, hundreds of restaurants attract hungry Canadians who can’t get enough of tasty Caribbean-style food. To keep customers coming back for more, every restaurant needs a good chef, and who better to prepare authentic Caribbean cuisine than a Jamaican cook?

Cooks are responsible for processing and cooking food, as well as supervising kitchen staff and food purchasing in Jamaica, Canada.

Nursing Assistants

In Canada, where to find the most jobs: New Brunswick, Yukon

The annual salary in CAD: 29250

Immigration Options: Home Care Provider Drivers

In Canada, centers, nursing homes, and households readily employ overseas caregivers in a wide variety of specialties, such as nannies, au pairs, babysitters, live-in caregivers, and personal assistants. To address this problem, Canada has developed the Home Care Provider Pilot Program. The country has a huge aging population in need of personal care, but to meet the demand, there is a shortage of caregivers.

Commerce Professions

Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Alberta, British Columbia, and Quebec: where to find the most jobs in Canada?

The average salary in CAD: $60236.

Immigration Options: Express Entry

As fewer Canadians seek technical careers, the demand for trade jobs in Canada has increased dramatically. With competitive wages, professional Jamaican tradespeople can easily obtain employment opportunities in Canada. Or better yet, through the Express Entry FST program, those with at least two years of work experience will be able to immigrate to Canada.

Eligible trades fall under Skill Level B of the NOC, including carpenters, electricians, plumbers, and machinists in Jamaica to Canada.

Master Cultivator

In Canada, where to find the most jobs: Manitoba, Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan

The annual salary in Canadian dollars: $102500

Immigration/Visa Options: Express Entry and Agricultural Worker Program

Got a green thumb? After the legalization of cannabis sales in 2018, the Canadian cannabis market has grown exponentially.

Fisherman Job in Canada

Annual compensation in CAD: $58500000

One of Canada’s most lucrative food export industries is the fish and seafood market. Each year, more than one billion pounds of cod, halibut, and other fish are caught in offshore and onshore operations along the Atlantic. In addition to fishermen, there are various jobs in this lucrative industry, such as fishmongers and marine fisheries workers in Jamaica, Canada.

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