Grenada citizenship by investment


Grenada citizenship by investment

Grenada’s Citizenship by Investment program provides investors with a second citizenship and passport that allows them to travel visa-free to over 153 countries, including the United Kingdom, EU Schengen countries and China. Grenada also offers its citizens access to the U.S. E2 investor visa.

Applicants must invest either $150,000 as a donation or $220,000 in a government-approved real estate project and keep the real estate investment in Grenada for at least 5 years.


The Grenada program was introduced in 2013 and offers low cost entry with a second passport. Applicants from all countries are welcome, but are subject to rigorous due diligence. Applicants must be of excellent character, in good health, have substantial assets, and have no criminal record. Grenada’s citizenship program does not require an interview, nor is it necessary to travel to the country to complete the application. Children and dependents up to age 30 can be included (with restrictions), as can dependent parents over age 55 (with full support). No tax is levied on worldwide income, and it takes about 4 months to process the application. There are fees for authorities, professionals and due diligence.


La Resungamedipack (License No. GCBI-MA-70) is an authorized agent for the program in Grenada and we are happy to provide a copy of our Certificate of Appointment from the government for any potential applicant who wishes to work through our company. Approximately 10% of all applicants to the Grenada Citizenship Investment Program came through La Resungamedipack in 2021. As one of the largest international agents for the program in Grenada, we can provide potential applicants with the necessary experience and advice on Citizenship by Investment for Grenada and other Caribbean options.


The E-2 (Investor Visa) agreement signed between Grenada and the United States allows citizens of Grenada to operate a major business and reside in the United States. Many countries in the world, including China and India, do not have an E-2 agreement with the United States. In such cases, investors can first become citizens of Grenada and then apply for a U.S. E-2 visa.


Once investors have successfully obtained Grenada citizenship, they will be issued a passport. Grenada passport holders have visa-free access to no less than 153 countries and territories worldwide. This represents over 70% of the world’s travel and nearly 60% of its GDP.

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