Floating "blowhole" platform can generate power from waves

Floating “blowhole” platform can generate power from waves

Wave Swell Energy, an Australian clean energy company, has developed an extraordinary wave energy harvesting platform. Named UniWave 200, the platform is capable of harvesting significantly more energy from sea waves than other similar technologies.

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UniWave is a floating device that can be towed to your desired destination anywhere on the ocean. Once installed, the device can be collected on the local network, where it restores the electricity produced.

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Although there have been many devices previously developed to harness wave energy, UniWave 200 works in a different and more efficient way. For this device, wave swell forces water into a specially constructed concrete chamber through an outlet. As it rolls back, it creates a huge vacuum that sucks air into the turbine. In addition, it collects the energy of an entire column of water that reaches the special concrete chamber. It is therefore more efficient than similar devices in this regard.

Wave Swell Energy has already conducted trials for the device and plans to expand its plans. Last year, the company built a 20 kilowatt test rig near King Island. The rig has successfully withstood the ferocious waves of Bass Strait and has continuously fed the island’s grid for the past 12 months.

“A key achievement has been to provide real world results in Tasmanian ocean conditions to complement AMC test modeling,” WSE CEO Paul Geason said in a press release. “In some cases, the performance of our technology in the ocean has exceeded expectations due to the lessons we learned from the project, the technology enhancements, and improvements we made over the year.”

The company used the King Island platform to show that the system could be adopted in other parts. The King Island platform is expected to continue serving until the end of 2022.

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