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Engagement Visa – Find out the fastest way to immigrate to America in four months


The engagement visa is considered one of the fastest ways to enter the United States of America, but there are many people who are not aware of the existence of this visa, which is another type of visa and has a set of privileges.

Today, we will show you the correct way to obtain this visa that enables you to enter America.

The fiancee visa is the fastest way to enter America

Before we delve into this topic, we must know what the betrothal visa means in legal terms

1. Definition of betrothal visa

This visa is granted to people (men or women) who have a relationship with a US citizen and want to marry him.

The holder of the betrothal visa can stay in America for 90 days, provided that he marries the person who was declared on the day of the interview as a future husband within these three months.


However, a set of requirements must be met in the foreign fiancé in order to marry an American person or the holder of American citizenship.

As for the steps, they are as follows.

2. Steps to apply for a betrothal visa:

The steps to apply for a betrothal visa consist of two steps, and each step consists of several stages that the applicant must go through, as follows:


The first step:

Filling out the application at the Immigration Department i-129F The first step that the American citizen takes is to fill out the application, or the form called

The application is sent to the consulate or embassy of the country of the person who wants to join the American partner.

After filling out the application comes the second step

Second Step: Apply for the visa

After approving the application, the NVC office sends it to the consulate, and the latter set an appointment for you to conduct the interview.

All you have to do is undergo a medical examination with a doctor sworn by the US Consulate in your country, and bring the following documents on the day of the interview:

  • Two Form DS 160 forms;
  • A copy of the DS156K betrothal visa application;
  • A valid passport;
  • Augmentation contract
  • Medical file;
  • Two personal photos;
  • Provide strong evidence of a relationship between you and your fiance;
  • Pay the fees at the consulate or embassy where the interview will take place;
  • Certificate of non-precedents;
  • Financial support form;

During the interview, the immigration officer who has the authority to do so can ask a set of questions about your relationship in order to find out whether it is a true or false relationship.

With regard to the issue of financial support, the preacher who is in America must show that his income is equivalent to the average or poverty threshold in the United States of America.

Each state and its poverty rate differs from the other.

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