Canada’s Official Website – Canada is Now Accepting Immigration Applications


Register your name in the immigration form through the official website of the Ministry of Immigration to Canada, the Canadian city of Brandon is now receiving immigration applications from all nationalities of the world, the opportunity of a lifetime!

In the article, we review how to apply for the strongest and best immigration program to Canada in 2023 through the Brandon Rural City Immigration Program in the Canadian province of Manitoba, which is called: Rural And Northern Immigration Pilot Brandon Canada. We will explain in this video the advantages of this program and the required conditions, and we also review the method of application In detail, obtaining permanent residence directly from Canada.

Canada’s official website

A change was made in the name of the Canadian Ministry of Immigration, as it was merged with the Ministries of Refugees and Citizenship to form IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada).

IRCC is responsible for implementing Canada’s immigration, refugee, and citizenship policies, and providing services related to these issues, including processing immigration, refugee, and citizenship applications, administering various immigration programs, and providing information and support to immigrants, refugees, and various communities in Canada.

Information about Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada’s services can be accessed by visiting its official website, which contains detailed information about all available immigration, refugee, and citizenship programs in Canada, including program requirements, procedures, required fees, and more. It is also possible to obtain technical support and assistance in using the site and filling out forms by contacting the technical support available around the clock.


Canadian government website

The Canadian government website in Arabic can be accessed by entering, then selecting the Arabic language from the drop-down menu that appears in the upper left part of the home page.

Once you click on the Canadian flag and choose the Arabic language, you will be redirected to the Arabic version of the Canadian government website. The homepage will be displayed in Arabic, including menus, links, and key government information.

Multiple information can be found in Arabic, including information about immigration, citizenship, work, education, health, travel, finance, taxes, and many other areas. Arab users can also contact the technical support of the Canadian government by speaking in Arabic via phone or e-mail.


In addition, the Canadian government website provides information on government services and various administrative procedures, including information about visas, passports, permanent residence, citizenship, health care, subsidies, work, taxes, laws, and more.

The Canadian government website also provides information about investing and doing business in Canada, including information on markets, business opportunities, strategic partnerships, free trade, and more.

The site also provides information about life and culture in Canada, including information on cities, cultures, heritage, arts, entertainment, sports, food, and more.

Most of the information and services provided by the Canadian Government website in Arabic are available free of charge to all users, whether they are Canadians, permanent residents, or visitors.

The official website of the Canadian Embassy

The official website of the Canadian Embassy in your country can be accessed by visiting the Global Affairs Canada website, clicking on “Canada Representations Abroad” and searching for your country in the list. You’ll find contact information for the Canadian Embassy in your country, including the website address, phone number, and email.

Information on services provided by the Canadian Embassy in your country, such as consular services, legal, business, and cultural assistance, and more, can also be accessed by visiting the Embassy’s official website.

It should be noted that the official website of the Canadian Embassy may differ in design and content from one country to another, according to the needs of the embassy in each country.

Find detailed information about the services provided by the Canadian Embassy in your country, including consular services such as passport and visa issuance and emergency assistance, and commercial services such as assistance in finding business partners and support in export, investment, and free trade.
The official website of the Canadian Embassy in your country also provides information on culture, education, travel, tourism, and many other areas that can help people explore and learn about Canada and its culture.

It should be noted that some of the services provided by the official website of the Canadian Embassy in your country may require prior appointment booking to obtain the required service. Users can obtain more information about services, procedures, and requirements by contacting the Canadian Embassy in your country or visiting its official website.

IRCC website

IRCC stands for Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada, and it is the official website of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. The website can be accessed at the following address:

The IRCC website provides information about all immigration programs to Canada, including family immigration, economic immigration, refugees, immigrants who want to work in Canada, and other immigration programs. The site also provides information about Canadian citizenship and permanent residence in Canada.

Users can view the conditions and requirements for immigration to Canada and learn about the steps that must be followed to submit an application for immigration to Canada. The website also provides application forms and information regarding fees and requirements to complete the application.

Users may also use the IRCC website to track the status of their immigration application and update their information. The site also provides access to electronic and telephone support services to help users determine the necessary steps to complete the immigration application.

It should be noted that the IRCC website provides information in English and French, but also contains pages in other languages, including Arabic.

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