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America Tourist Visa 2023 – Conditions and method for obtaining an American visit and tourism visa


America Tourist Visa 2023 is one of the most desirable international visas by citizens of Arab countries, as the United States of America is considered one of the strongest and best countries in the world today, as it has many components in various fields such as tourism, study, work, and treatment, which makes many Arabs dream of immigrating to it In addition to the availability of more than 35 types of travel visas to America.

But if you want to travel to America for tourism, to visit a relative or friend, for temporary work, or for other purposes that are required to be short-term, and you do not hold a passport from one of the countries exempt from the American visa, then you will be required to obtain a short-term American visa.

Among the short-term American visas, there is a visitor visa (B visa category) that is granted to people wishing to travel to America America visa for a short-term stay (B-1 visa category) and this visa is granted in order to conduct business temporarily, American tourist visa (visa category B-2) or to combine the two purposes (B1/B2).

Types of American visa and the cases in which it is granted

The United States visa is one of the most complex topics. We will try to talk about the request for a temporary entry visa to America, also called a non-immigrant visa. Through this visa, a set of travel purposes is determined, according to which the applicant is granted a certain type of non-immigrant American visa

Tourist visa in America: It is granted to those wishing to come to America for the purpose of temporary study, doing business, receiving treatment, or tourism in America. The documents required for the visa vary according to the purpose of the travel.


Work visa in America: It is granted to people who have been presented with the petition document at the Immigration Office in America by the employer who will work for him, and the applicant must have a certificate in a specialization in work and a high school passing certificate.

Study visa in America: It is granted to students who move to study in one of the educational institutions and institutions in America, and they must provide proof of that, such as an acceptance letter. Most of these institutions will provide you with the necessary paperwork in this case.

Student and professional exchange visa in America: It is granted to students and students at all levels and trainees in American companies, agencies and institutions, primary and secondary education teachers, specialized school employees, university professors, and academic researchers, whether to study or teach in America. There are many other cases in this field. The documents required for the visa differ according to the purpose of the visa. travel


Conditions for obtaining a US visitor visa:

A US visitor visa is granted to persons who wish to travel to the United States for one of the following purposes:

Doing business in the US is a B-1 visa

You can apply for this B-1 visa if the purpose of your travel to America is:

  • Travel to America in order to attend a business meeting;
  • Travel to America in order to attend professional, business, scientific, or educational conferences;
  • Travel to America in order to settle a real estate;
  • Travel to America in order to negotiate a contract or business partnership.
  • Tourist in America B-2 visa

You can apply for a US B-2 tourist visa if your purpose to travel to America is for one of the following reasons:

  • Travel for tourism in America;
  • Traveling in order to visit friends or relatives;
  • Travel for treatment in America;
  • Travel in order to participate in social events hosted by fraternal or social organizations;
  • Travel in order to participate in musical or sporting events or competitions or meetings or forums;
  • Traveling to study on a short course such as a one-week course;

How to apply for a US tourist visa in 2023:

There are several steps to applying for a US visa. The order of these steps and how you complete them may vary depending on the US embassy or consulate

Fill out the US visa application form online, Form DS-160, by clicking here. You must add your photo to the form as well.

  • For more information about the DS160 form, you can visit a page on the website of the Ministry of foreign affairs;
  • A valid passport;
  • Dates of your last five trips to the United States If you have previously traveled to the United States, you may be asked for information about whether you have traveled to other countries within the past five years
  • Your personal information such as current and previous work, your educational certificates…
    Itinerary, if you have already made travel arrangements;
  • Pay the required amount of US visa fees and obtain delivery;

Scheduling an Interview The interview requirement is a mandatory requirement for all applicants with the exception of children 13 years of age or younger or seniors of 80 years of age in renewal cases.

Activities that are not permitted on a US visitor visa 2023:

With regard to persons obtaining an American visit visa in its two categories (B-1 or B-2), he must attend the activities below, as he will have to obtain other types of visas in the event that he wishes to carry out these activities

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